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How do you want to spend the next 4 years

Great link – Steve Blank


Starting a library

I have decided to start a children’s library for the mid-to-lower income groups that cannot afford a for-profit library model like the Just-books and British Library.

Two relevant links below –  Whoever is interested can follow the business models.

What libraries do for us – and me | Malorie Blackman | Comment is free | The Guardian

Join the Library | State Library of Victoria – One of the biggest public libraries – Melbourne

Libraries | Books | The Guardian – Library Blog @ TheGuardian

Nice links for me to pursue my passion –

Neil Gaiman: Why our future depends on libraries, reading and daydreaming | Books |

Choose Yourself – the ultimate cheatsheet for re-inventing yourself – By James Altucher

James AltucherReading List

Choose Yourself – Cheat Sheet – the ultimate cheatsheet for re-inventing yourself

Reading list

Recommended by Jeff Bezos to his executive team. The authors are authorities in their own right.

Platforms for startups in India


GitHub for Dummies

Excellent book on git.

Here is a higher level document which contains a link to the above with the text “Pro Git book” in the left sidebar. This one has links to a reference manual and videos as well.

A successful GIT branching model