Ramp Up Analyzer

rampupThis is my latest BI Tool for analyzing ramp up trends at new shipping warehouses(hubs). I have found that the same Java tools can be used to create nifty BI applications to capture any business information and display in a graphical manner. 

By cobbling up a bunch of Java libraries(JfreeCharts,JDBC,SWING), I figured it was pretty easy to create a visual tool that dynamically plots a ramp-up graph. This can be across days–of-a-month or across months-of-an-year. All we need is a connection to the database.

 This gets rid of all the excel-related drudgery. We can just as easily generate any type of chart(PIE,BAR,LINE) for any “Business Intelligence” requirement that can be expressed in SQL.

View complete source here – http://www.coolapps.net/binaries/sci.zip

Acknowledgement: http://www.oracle.com/technology/pub/articles/marx-jchart.html


Gateway to all Database Related information

http://decipherinfosys.wordpress.com/ – This blog by itself has a ton of valuable information and in addition points you to the best-known and reliable experts in the database field  – both SQL Server and Oracle.

Thanks Rahul ! You are the best!

Oracle SQL*LDR

http://oreilly.com/catalog/orsqlloader/chapter/ch01.html – The definitive guide

Oracle Sql*Ldr

Oracle Sql*Ldr

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