Coding Standards – One of the most comprehensive coding standards I have seen till date. Across Languages(compiled and interpreted) and architectures.

Back to Basics – I always love to read Joel Spolsky’s articles and this one is probably one of the best.

A chessboard in Java Swing

Pretty cool. More than chess, you will learn how to write a swing app from the ground up

More components in Swing – examples on how to use

How to use multiple Layout Managers within a single JFrame( Swing )?

Each container can only have one layout manager, however you can easily create any layout you wish by nesting containers with the layout that you want for each one. This could include using a few JPanels inside a JFrame with each JPanel containing a few components. Breaking up the layout like that gives you a lot of control over the grouping and resizing behavior of complex layouts – How to create GUI with Swing

Deploying a Standalone Java application

Very informative and detailed..excellent if you are a newbie

Free cheatsheets for Developers

If you dont have the time to read a full book or the specification to bring yourself up to speed on some of the latest technologies , these cards are for you.

Java Enhancements over the releases – Does not chronicle the improvements to the language but to the libraries.  So dont expect overviews on annotations or generics in this page.