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Line termination made easy

An easy to understand essay on “Line termination”. This is one of the most common “interface” anomalies one comes across practically in any enterprise system software spanning multiple platforms, yet it remains a challenge till date.

 What do you suppose goes into the file when you press the Enter key?

Windows 7

A lot of people(like me) will initially fall for the hype surrounding PC-Within-a-PC or
Multiple- Windows- environments on- a- single- PC or built-in support for virtualization.
It was very important for MS to provide an “XP-Mode” given that close to 70% of windows users are on XP today.
So this virtualization feature is also aimed at luring the If-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-it XP users to upgrade but still be able to cling to their favorite OS.


  • Its only available with “high-end” editions of Windows 7. – ultimate, professional etc.
  • Its only available if your INTEL Chipset has hardware support for virtualization. Look here  to find out what it means.

What’s new in Windows 7?

• Redesigned taskbar for launching and switching between programs
• Jump lists let you invoke selected program features from the taskbar
• Aero Peek offers full-size previews of running applications to help you navigate between them
• More user control over notifications or alert balloons, to make Windows less annoying
• Libraries link multiple folders so they appear as one, letting you see all your pictures or documents together
• Multitouch interface lets you control Windows with your fingers, on machines with touch-sensitive screens
• Windows 7 XP Mode (high end ­editions only) lets you run programs on a virtual instance of Windows XP, seamlessly integrated into the ­Windows 7 desktop
• Refined User Account Control is more secure than Windows XP, but less intrusive than Windows Vista
• Simplified home networking for sharing files, printers, music and video
• Updated Windows Media Player supports new audio and video formats (MP4, H.264,DivX) as well as remote streaming over the internet
• Device Stage brings up a dialogue box specific to your exact device, when you attach supported devices such as cameras and printers

MSDN Architecture Center

  1. – Useful link to Architecture related topics. I like the Architecture Journal specially.
  2. – Avoiding DLL Hell using application metadata in the .NET framework
  3. Design Guidelines for class library developers
  4. Discovering the Design Patterns you are already using in .NET 
  5. – Patterns and Practices
  6. – Security code review
  7. – Code review

Windows Scripting Guide

Windows sysinternals