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Understanding ASP.NET Dynamic Compilation

By default, ASP.NET Web pages and code files are compiled dynamically when users first request a resource, such as an ASP.NET page (.aspx file), from a Web site. After pages and code files have been compiled the first time, the compiled resources are cached, so that subsequent requests to the same page are extremely efficient.

ASP.NET supports the dynamic compilation of ASP.NET pages (.aspx files), ASP.NET Web services (.asmx files), ASP.NET HTTP handlers (.ashx files) and ASP.NET application files (Global.asax), as well as other files, such as source code and class files. For more information about ASP.NET file types, see ASP.NET Web Project File Types. For more information about the ASP.NET compilation process, see the “Compilation Life Cycle” section of ASP.NET Application Life Cycle Overview for IIS 5.0 and 6.0.

Immutable collections in .NET

Immutable collections in .NET

Data driven subscriptions in SS2K 2005


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One of the best explanations I have come across on closure

Everybody tries to complicate it so you feel it’s some arcane theoretical computer science concept, but this blog makes it accessible to the man-on-the-street type of programmer.