BYOD versus COPE

COPE = Corporate owned, PErsonal enabled

BYOD = Bring your own device

User experience guidelines for mobile platforms

Android Device Manager – now supports Remote lock (in addition to Ring and erase) – You can ring, lock and wipe any Android phone (just need to be logged in with your Google account). Its handy when you can’t find your phone…


This is the equivalent to “Find your phone” feature on iTunes and Windows phone.

Containerization and App Wrapping

Good article

Building a word processor for iOS devices


Apache OpenOffice

List of word processors – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Apple – iPad in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple – iPhone in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple iOS Mobile Device, Application and Content Management | AirWatch

Tech news Now 


Apple Insider


ShmooCon 2012: Inside Apple’s MDM Black Box (EN) – YouTube


supervised mode

Containerization on Mobile via virtualization

Cellrox MDM

I love the fact that they pioneered the idea of multiple “personas” on a smartphone.

Samsung KNOX does the same thing now. So does BB10.

Interesting twist to how MDM can be achieved via virtualization –

Cellrox – an Israeli company has already developed a “Thinvisor” that runs multiple VMs on a single OS (Android) instance – thus MDM is done by creating 2 personas – “business” and private. A wipe is accomplished merely by deleting the business persona.


“In the extreme, worst-case scenario of the fired employee, IT need only wipe and remove the business persona. The user’s private persona can remain untouched, avoiding the common horror story of people’s baby pictures being deleted forever by an IT mistake.

Because of the level at which Cellrox operates, it needs to partner with handset makers and possibly carriers to get its product to end users. In a busy market it’s not clear who will win these battles, but Cellrox’s approach looks like a winner. Of course, it might be that cell phone virtualization won’t become really respectable until Apple invents it, but it’s coming, one way or another.”

MDM in my own words

Mobile Device Management (MDM) tools act as a Swiss-army knife in the hands of IT administrators. It provides multiple and diverse advantages both for the organization and the employee. Employees are guaranteed secure and real-time access to corporate information, be it in the form of email, applications or content and organizations benefit from the control they can exercise over end-users’ devices. Companies can rest assured that the confidentiality of enterprise data is maintained and devices accessing corporate resources are not compromised.

A unified, vendor-independent messaging framework across smartphone platforms could be a viable alternative to platform-specific solutions like c2dm and APNS in that they don’t require exposure to an external network when an on-premise installation is sought. The message sizes and message formats on the payload become platform neutral and applications can leverage this consistency and uniformity across device platforms.

Mobile news sites

> Mobility Hub

>Tech Fortune CNN

>TechCrunch: “The investment in AirWatch is the biggest in an enterprise company so far this year, according to Business Insider.” SlashDot and SocialSmashing

>Fortune/CNN Money: “AirWatch, an Atlanta-based provider of mobile device management and security solutions, has raised $200 million in Series A funding led by Insight Venture Partners.”

>Business Insider: “Founders John Marshall and Alan Dabbiere grew AirWatch from a scrappy startup launched in 2003 to a top MDM player with over 6,000 customers without a dime of VC cash.” CareerNews 24/7, NFLNews 24/7 , Yahoo Finance and Eleconomista [Spain].

>Business Insider: “Horing said he backed AirWatch because he believes in Dabbiere, whom he’s known for years. He also thinks AirWatch is the leader in a three-horse race to win the mobile-device management, or MDM, market.”

>Business Insider: “10 Things You Need To Know This Morning: AirWatch, which helps companies manage the smartphones employees bring to work, just raised $200 million.”
>Atlanta Business Chronicle: “AirWatch, whose revenues are growing 40 percent quarter over quarter, is the largest independent provider of mobile device management (MDM) services, with twice as many employees as its nearest competitor, the company said.”

>FierceMobileIT: “IDC predicts that the MEM market will increase at a 31.8 percent compound annual growth rate, reaching $1.8 billion by 2016. With the additional funding, AirWatch is well positioned to take advantage of that projected growth.”

>All Things D: Richard Wells, managing director at Insight said, “AirWatch is the kind of company that Insight tends to like. “They got to where they are without having raised a dime of institutional capital. That’s the kind of DNA we love.” Digital Media Wire

>CIO “”Recently, there is news that the mobile device management software developers AirWatch completed A round of financing, raising funds of $ 200,000,000, the lead investor in this round of financing led by venture capital firm Insight Venture Partners.” [China]

>Venture Beat: “Besides the funding, there are clear signs that AirWatch’s approach has become an attractive one for businesses: It currently counts over 6,000 clients, including big energy companies, pharmaceutical giants, and most of the global airlines. AirWatch says it adds roughly 5oo new clients a month.”

>Mobile Device Management Solutions Review: “The $200 million in funding will allow AirWatch to adapt and innovate, catering to a space that is experiencing explosive growth and seems to be constantly shifting.”

>TheNewCom: “The company operates in 150 countries and serves approximately 6,000 customers worldwide, including more than 70 customers Movisk Israel – representing its products and operates in Hebrew Support Center.” [Israel]

>Wabei: “According to statistics, AirWatch latest raised funds so far this year, the maximum amount of an investment, and this huge amount of financing will help AirWatch continue to expand internationally.” [China]

>MIS Asia: “Jeff Horing, managing director, Insight Venture Partners, added: ‘The mobile enterprise market is experiencing explosive growth, and AirWatch has emerged as the market’s leading device management solution, without raising any outside capital. As the first institutional investors we hope to support AirWatch’s strong growth trajectory and further strengthen the company’s leadership in the field.” [Asia]

>Nibletz: “Airwatch, a company that has been bootstrapped since 2003, just closed a $200M series A round led by Insight Venture Partners.”

>Tools Journal: “AirWatch’s current competitors include SAP and IBM. Both the giants are keen on the growing mobile device management segment. The area is expected to grow because this problem persists with every single company in the world.” [UK]

>World News Release: “Mobile device management companies like AirWatch offer organizations this service which is now becoming an invaluable one many companies need if employees work on their own devices.” [UK]

>Daily Maily: “AirWatch last year grew significantly, with growth of more than 500 new customers each month. “AirWatch now manages all mobile activity for large enterprise companies worldwide, including dozens of companies in the Top 100 worldwide in the energy, pharmaceutical and medical device industries, retail and industry,” said Marshall.” [Israel]

>Channelnomics: “The fact that Aerohive is leaning toward IPO and AirWatch was able to raise such a large amount of money speaks volumes to the increasing opportunities in these technology segments.”

>Dow Jones Venture Wire: “AirWatch LLC, a privately held nine-year-old company that specializes in helping large companies manage and secure the mobile devices their employees use, has just landed a huge $200 million venture capital investment led by Insight Venture Partners. If there’s one thing there’s a lot of demand for right now, it’s in the area of mobile management.”

>Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Sandy Springs-based AirWatch announced on Sunday the investment led by Insight Venture Partners at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.”

>Cite World: “Still, for an independent provider, it sounds like AirWatch has been growing at a healthy clip.”

>Tech World: Insight Venture Partners, Jeff Horing stated that, “As the first institutional investors we hope to support AirWatch’s strong growth trajectory and further strengthen the company’s leadership in the field.” [UK], CIO [Germany]

>French Tribune: “AirWatch, a mobile device management company has raised $200 million from a massive series A campaign conducted by Insight Venture Partners.” [France]

>Datamation: “AirWatch banks some big bucks and signals that it plans to acquire other companies to grow its mobile device management portfolio and attract more enterprise customers.”

>Brian Madden: “[AirWatch’s] huge funding is one more sign of how big enterprise mobility management is becoming.” Technical User Group [Nordics]

>David Cummings: “Now, with the explosive growth of iPhones and Android devices, the need for enterprise software to manage the deployment of these devices has grown tremendously — enter AirWatch.”

>Sina: “Feb. 25 morning news, mobile device management software developers AirWatch completed A round of financing to raise funds of 200 million U.S. dollars, lead investor in this round of financing led by venture capital firm Insight Venture Partners.” [China] Wabei

>Tnooz: “AirWatch, seller of enterprise mobile management (EMM) technology, has closed a $200 million Series A investment. Six of the world’s ten largest global airlines and two of the top three global hotel groups use the company’s products.”

>Telecom Lead: “Jeff Horing, managing director, Insight Venture Partners, said: “As the first institutional investors we hope to support AirWatch’s strong growth trajectory and further strengthen the company’s leadership in the field.” [India]

>ZDNet: “Today, the MDM industry is hot. Gartner estimates that two-thirds of large companies and organizations in the next 4-5 years will buy mobile device management products. Said John Marshall, AirWatch founder of the company nearly a month increase of 500 new customers.” [China]

>Venture Business News: “AirWatch (Sandy Springs, GA), service for managing personal and corporate mobile devices, applications and content to attract USD 200 million in Series A of the lead investor Insight Venture Partners. The total of investments is the most significant for the entire 10-year history of the company, are planning to send a number of expensive M & A transactions and the promotion of new products.”

>ICT Journal: “The company specializes in the AirWatch Mobile Device Management gets $ 200 million funding. It has also entered into a strategic partnership with Cambridge Technology Partners.”

Mobile World Congress 2013

>Venture Beat: What Mobile World Congress reveals about the mobile industry

Looked at in this light, one of the more notable themes this year is the growing importance of the enterprise in mobile. Typically MWC does not attract a lot of non-carrier corporate buyers.

But that does not seem to have stopped Airwatch. This provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and enterprise mobility software had a space in Hall 3 that appears to be larger than even that of its neighbors, Qualcomm and Intel.

Its presence is a pretty clear sign that software is now a major force at MWC.”

>Tab Times: “Gartner analyst Phil Redman broke down the differences between mobile device management and mobile application management at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain today.”

>Tab Times: “With tablets, we see a cross over between iOS and Android in the next couple of years but Android is not going to win on functionality, but on price,” said Redman, who was speaking in one of two sessions at the AirWatch Connect conference at the Mobile World Congress.”

>ComputerWorld: “Tom Daly, a group director for mobile at Coca-Cola, appeared with Lurie on a panel at MWC that was sponsored by AirWatch, an enterprise mobility management vendor.”

>Mobile Enterprise Strategies: “MDM vendor AirWatch this week announced a $200 million round A of investment.  Wow!  There is certainly a lot of attention being paid the MDM space this year at the MWC 2013.  AirWatch has a $200 million booth, not literally, but you could play a good football game in it.”

>Economia Digital: “During the second day of the congress of the phone, the Mobile World Congress (MWC), presented the facelift of its unified communications platform and agreements to which has come with Google and AirWatch for SMEs have a cloud powerful and safe. That is, allowing information stored remotely without infrastructure costs hosting and available on all devices of the company.” [Spain]

>Globes: “Another interesting post from the exhibition in Barcelona in the field was an investment of 200 million dollars was the American company AirWatch projector Insight Ventures, and also in the BYOD.” [Israel]

>VDC Research: “Looking forward to MWC next week – if you are making the trip, please stop by the AirWatch booth (Hall 3) to see my presentation on the future of mobile application management at AirWatch Connect!

>Marketing Week: “Speaking at AirWatch Connect 2013 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Coca-Cola group director of mobile and search Tom Daly said the company aims to partner with carriers and technology companies to predict what consumers want and to drive transactions.” [UK]

>Noticias de Empresas: “The Catalan company will attend the 2013 edition of the Mobile World Congress as a partner of the U.S. firm AirWatch application development for mobile devices in safety management. Both companies have developed a solution for mobile device management, allowing PrevenControl be the first operator worldwide to manage ITV stations via iPod devices, or have geolocated solutions for reporting all kinds of security techniques in action.” [Spain]

>RedSeguridad: “It is also present in this edition, AirWatch, a company specializing in everything that has to do with mobile device management. There will attend the organization’s CEO, John Marshall, who will participate in a panel discussion on the future of mobility in business on Wednesday February 27, from 14:00 h to 15:30 h.” [Spain]

> “According to Cesar Berenguer, Air Watch Company, which is presenting its services at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 in Barcelona, ​​the corporate control of information is a new way to face the challenge of confidentiality within the workplace. “The trend in the United States and Europe and now is that we are moving to better manage enterprise devices,” explains executive, lamenting that few people even know that such control is possible.” [Brazil]

> ”Just think for example to AirWatch , a structure that produces control systems for the fleet of company smartphones: their stand was as large as that of Samsung or LG and have invited about 1,000 visitors a MWC. AirWatch has many customers in Italy, Fendi, Bulgari, Esselunga, Coop, and some banks are tightening close ties with Telecom.” [Italy]

>Equipos & Talento: “AirWatch is the leader in enterprise quality solutions for mobile device management, mobile applications and mobile content. In this edition, the MWC2013 has received a record number of over 70,000 participants from 200 countries, occupying an area of 94,000 square meters in the new facilities of Fira de Barcelona.” [Spain]

>TYNChannel: “TyN interviewed Cesar Berenguer, Director Business Development Company Latin America, at the Mobile World Congress , who referred to both its solutions and its relationship with its partners at the regional level.” [Spain]

> “According to César Berenguer, Air Watch Company, which is presenting this and other services during the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, ​​the control of corporate information is a new way of approaching the challenge within a job.” [Chile]

>TabTimes: “In fact, enterprise was one of the big trends of the show.  SAP announced its solution for collaborating on tablets in business, while AirWatch – which held its own AirWatch Connect conference in Barcelona – said that received $200 million in round A funding.”


AirWatch Partners

>Samsung KNOX: New York Times. “Samsung also has teamed up with AirWatch, a company that makes tools for I.T. professionals to manage phones. AirWatch will make detailed tweaks inside the business persona of a Samsung device, like creating restrictions for Wi-Fi networks or blacklisting certain apps.” “John Marshall, chief executive of AirWatch, said that the benefit of Samsung’s openness was that businesses could tailor their phone’s software and also better manage the corporate fleet of phones. He said that because BlackBerry made its own I.T. management software, its flexibility was limited. BlackBerry, however, said that its approach offered higher and more consistent levels of security.” China Finance [China]

>Daily Maily. “AirWatch, with experience of over 20 years in mobile solutions for enterprise organizations will enable us” to give the units IT organizations a comprehensive solution and peace of mind,” said Dr. Aing’ong Rahi , executive vice president at Samsung.” [Israel]

>Le Journal des Telecoms. “It is known that MDM software partners (such as AirWatch, Soti, Citrix, Fixmo, Centrify, Inside Secure, Mocana or Absolut Software) will be privileged channels of marketing, as well as the channel which belong BtoB mobile operators.”

>Mobility Solutions. “AirWatch has over 20 years of experience in true enterprise mobile solutions, and partnership with AirWatch will bring reassurance and convenience for IT departments looking to implement and manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies.” said Dr. Injong Rhee, Senior Vice President, B2B R&D Group, Samsung Electronics.”

>MSPmentor. “Samsung KNOX is a significant step in enterprise readiness for Android and allows businesses and government institutions to adopt new mobile device types with enterprise-grade security into their mobile ecosystems,” said AirWatch President and CEO John Marshall. “AirWatch delivers the flexibility to implement and manage diverse mobile operating systems and platform iterations through strong OEM integration. Samsung SAFE and KNOX management support provide our customers additional options to protect personal data while ensuring corporate data loss prevention, especially for BYOD programs.”

>CNET. “Thanks to a partnership with AirWatch, IT admins can customize Knox’s work mode as they see fit, blacklisting sites like Facebook, Twitter, and pretty much anything.”

>Mobile Enterprise. “”AirWatch integrates with KNOX for enterprise-ready Android deployments. The solution already implements the Samsung SAFE features and will provide same-day KNOX support allowing enterprises and government institutions to: create container on the device; enforce container passcode; configure corporate email in the container; set VPN policies at the application level; allow ability to silently add, remove and update apps in the container; enable single sign-on; encrypt by default; and restrict all access to container applications and data to the container space.

>MacWorld: “At the show, Samsung launched KNOX, which offers a container that separates business and personal use of a mobile device. Management software vendors like AirWatch will integrate with the technology to provide a more complete offering.”

>ComputerWorld: “Samsung drew a lot of KNOX, a system that allows business and personal environment on a smartphone or tablet can be separated. Suppliers of management as AirWatch have announced they will integrate the technology so they can provide a more complete product. [Netherlands]

>Economic Times: “John Marshall, chief executive of AirWatch, said that the benefit of Samsung’s openness was that businesses could tailor their phone’s software and also better manage the corporate fleet of phones.” [India]

>World News Source, ComputerWorld, InfoWeek Hardware, Law Technology News, NGN [Netherlands],  CIO [UK], Computer World [Nordics], Computer Woche [Germany], Derwesten [Germany],Sci-Tech Today

>Telstra: IT Wire. “Telstra is to offer mobile device management (MDM) services from AirWatch, bundled with voice and data services.”

>ComputerWorld. Rob Roe, AirWatch managing director for Australia and New Zealand, said, “Telstra will provide first and second-level support for customers using the white-label MDM, and AirWatch will support Telstra.” [Australia] PC Advisor [UK]

>ComputerWorld. “Customers can save money by bundling Telstra service with the MDM compared to dealing with Telstra and AirWatch separately, according to Rob Roe, AirWatch managing director for Australia and New Zealand. [Australia]

>Telecompaper: “The platform is powered by AirWatch and hosted in the Telstra infrastructure and provides a device management capability as a service; enables automatic installation, upgrades and maintenance over-the-air via Telstra’s secure cloud; manage Wi-Fi, non-Telstra devices, or alternative plans with additional licenses; and provide future opportunities for additional application and service deployments.”

>Mobile Place Maps. “AirWatch®, the global leader and innovator in mobile security and the largest Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) provider announces a partnership with Telstra Australia that bundles Mobile Device Management (MDM) with voice and data services ..”

>Mobil Business. “Samsung is the first mobile phone manufacturer to offer a preloaded service that also allows access to all phone functions in a secured environment, says a representative from Airwatch to Mobile Business.” [Nordics]

>Cambridge Technology Partners: IT Reseller. “Cambridge Technology Partners and AirWatch want to work from now on in the Swiss market. In Nyon, Switzerland, a center of excellence AirWatch arise.” [Switzerland]

>IT Markt: “Cambridge Technology Partners has entered into a partnership with AirWatch. AirWatch is a center of excellence as a result of the cooperation in the Cambridge office Nyon arise.” [Germany]

>ICT Journal: “AirWatch has also entered into a strategic partnership with Cambridge Technology Partners. The latter can now offer its customers solutions for startup. It has created a center of expertise dedicated to solutions AirWatch Cambridge which is based in the company’s headquarters in Nyon.”

>Xirrus. Telecom Handel. “Xirrus, a provider of high-performance Wi-Fi networks, and AirWatch want to work together in future. Thus, the integration of Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM) of AirWatch in the Xirrus wireless solutions to simplify the management of mobile devices in the future at the company headquarters.”

>Mobile Place Maps. “”Xirrus®, the leader in high -performance wireless networks, today announced a partnership with AirWatch.”

>PC Mag. “Watch, the company would now but offer a more comprehensive MDM solution with the data terminals or applications can be managed more efficiently – even for large numbers of users. The combined use of Xirrus wireless arrays and access points with AirWatch MDM will enable companies, for example, to provide wireless network quickly and ready to expand, adjust device settings to prioritize applications and also to provide secure access to corporate resources. ” [Switzerland]

>Market. “The partnership with AirWatch marks a new stage in the development of our offer in the field of enterprise mobility. “says Anees Qureshi, Sales & Marketing Director at Cambridge Technology Partners. ” As a partner AirWatch, we are able to offer our customers an integrated suite of mobile applications – including our suite myMobileWorks – as well as methods and tools to effectively manage mobility within organizations . ”

>Vodaphone. Hay Canal. “Vodafone Launches AirWatch Secure Device Manager.” [Spain]

>Discap Nett. “”Besides renewing its offer to SMEs, the operator also presented the agreement with Google to market from summer whole enterprise application, and signed with the American company AirWatch security.” [Spain]

>Que! “In addition, Vodafone has launched an application for managing all mobile devices of the company and its employees, and the company has explained that this solution designed by AirWatch will cost five euros per month per user in the enterprise.” [Spain]

>el Economistra. “”A new security environment: Vodafone Secure Device Manager (AirWatch). The launch of Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM) offers companies a comprehensive and integrated view of all mobile devices, regardless of operating system.” [Spain]

>Alimarket: “Director of processes and technology of Panrico, Jordi Damià, has presented the new system at two conferences of Vodafone and Airwatch, where explained that “represents a paradigm shift, since it relies on domestic consumption (tablets) terminals, not specific for industrial use, and, therefore, are much more productive and economical than the current POS.” [Spain]

>Red es Telecom. “”Vodafone Secure Device Manager (AirWatch) Vodafone offers this security solution for businesses to obtain a comprehensive and integrated view of all mobile devices , regardless of operating system. WITH VSDM no technical skills are required to manage the company user profiles, offering direct connection from the cloud. A perfect tool for BYOD environments.”

> “The solution, designed by AirWatch, to manage and configure the enterprise mobile devices remotely, enforce security policies and access to corporate resources and remove or block devices.” [Spain]

>Enterasys. Bit [Brazil], Network World [Spain]

>Computerworld, Information Management

>Sing-Tel. ComputerWorld: “AirWatch-the company that styles itself as “the global leader and innovator in mobile security and the largest Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) provider”-announced on Wednesday (February 27, 2013) that it had entered a partnership with regional powerhouse SingTel, to offer customer organizations in Asia Pacific enterprise mobile management solutions and services. ” [Signapore]

AirWatch Growth

>Metro Atlanta Chamber (video): “I think AirWatch is unbelievable and I think it’s a great example of what Atlanta has to offer.” President Sam Williams said.

>Atlanta Business Chronicle: ““We participated in more than 500 events last year and have found that, even as a mobility company, face-to-face meetings are one of the most effective ways for us to drive awareness and new business,” said Georgiana Vancea, AirWatch marketing communications manager. “We complemented that event support with online marketing programs with leading business and technology sites, and public relations initiatives that led to more than 500 different news articles.”

>Atlanta Day Book: “”This is great news. AirWatch started here in Atlanta and has grown to be one of the hottest mobility companies in the world. We congratulate them on their huge success,” said MAC President Sam A Williams. “This announcement builds on other major announcements across Atlanta’s technology industry over the last year and shows that Atlanta is aiming directly at one of the fastest-growing  technology sectors.”

>Sandy Springs Patch: AirWatch Investment of $200 Million Speaks to Mayor’s Vision of Fortune 500 Firm.

> “” The market was slow to emerge and we certainly remember tiny little AirWatch booths at certain trade shows – the kind of booth you would look at with a sense of “Hmm” written all over it. Then around 2007 – 2008 the tiny show booths started to become much larger, and today, with 6,000+ customers in hand and well over 500 employees in tow, Airwatch can only be described as a success.”

>Georgia Public Broadcasting. “Sandy Springs based Airwatch received a $200 million boost from New York investors this week. The announcement comes on the heels of last month’s $60 million investment, expected to help create 1000 technology related jobs. Airwatch says that 800 of the new jobs are expected to be based in metro Atlanta.”

>Computer Sweden. “”Mohammed is a Mid-Market Account Executive at AirWatch, a global leader and innovator in mobile security, mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) solutions and mobile content management (MCM).” [Sweden]

>Atlanta Day Book: “This is great news. AirWatch started here in Atlanta and has grown to be one of the hottest mobility companies in the world. We congratulate them on their huge success,” said MAC President Sam A Williams. “This announcement builds on other major announcements across Atlanta’s technology industry over the last year and shows that Atlanta is aiming directly at one of the fastest-growing technology sectors.”

>Atlanta Journal Constitution: “The pivot has been paying off. General Motors is bringing 1,000 IT jobs to Roswell, mobile software maker AirWatch is growing in Sandy Springs by at least 800 employees and AT&T has said Atlanta is in contention for a research center known as the Foundry.”


>Search Security. AirWatch is highlighting a standalone MAM product, which it introduced in January, for its MDM portfolio.

>DDaily [Korea]


>Retail News: “That’s why we focus on the event a special department for innovations in retail, called The Theatre Innovations.” Including PayPal lets during event learn new ways to shop using your cell phone while AirWatch shows how retailers the safety of mobile shopping can guarantee. ”

>Earls Court: “Airwatch’s Enterprise Mobile Management Solution will show how mobile working can be enabled whilst ensuring sensitive information is secure, followed by SciVisum who will be showing how its Intelligent Inventory Management Suite puts eCommerce at the focus of management.”







>Tech World News. “The DoD has been using iPads for years for training and to support troops on deployments,” he told TechNewsWorld. “The shift to allow Android and iOS in classified environments is more related to advances in the bring-your-own-device infrastructure enabled by AirWatch and others than the widely rumored demise of Blackberry.”

>NextGov: “The field includes a bunch of start up companies — such as Airwatch.”

>NextGov: “MDM vendors, such as Airwatch, the Veterans Affairs Department MDM and application store contractor, typically charge between $3 and $4 per month per client. Alan Dabbiere, chairman of Airwatch, said DISA should not expect to pay rate sheet prices for MDM clients, software and services and promised a “substantial” discount for large-scale deployment, but did not specify the size of the discount.”


>Saude Web: “One of the highlights will be on the session Mundo Afora (Around the world) – where we usually bring international experiences, of great management practices for the Brazilian Market, so I interviewed a Latin America leader for AirWatch, a mobile device management company, and he talks about AirWatch expectations for the Latin American and Brazilian market. A great trend is the mobile device management and BYOD and this is a big trend on the doctor X patient relationship.”

>Voalte-Connect: “Protecting hospital and patient information is critical for your institution. That’s why Voalte ConnectTM, powered by AirWatchTM, assures hospitals that mobile devices, such as smartphones, laptops and tablets, deployed across the hospital are remotely monitored, secured, and expertly managed. Voalte’s turnkey solution enables IT departments to conserve their resources while providing a secure solution. We’re all about making mobile device management (MDM) easy. ” [Brazil]

Technology and Business Trade

>BYOD. IT Home[China], Lan Line [Germany], InfoWorld.

>MDM. LivePR [Germany]


Android Training

Android Interview questions and answers

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