BYOD versus COPE

COPE = Corporate owned, PErsonal enabled

BYOD = Bring your own device

User experience guidelines for mobile platforms

Android Device Manager – now supports Remote lock (in addition to Ring and erase) – You can ring, lock and wipe any Android phone (just need to be logged in with your Google account). Its handy when you can’t find your phone…


This is the equivalent to “Find your phone” feature on iTunes and Windows phone.

Containerization and App Wrapping

Good article

Building a word processor for iOS devices


Apache OpenOffice

List of word processors – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Apple – iPad in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple – iPhone in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple iOS Mobile Device, Application and Content Management | AirWatch

Tech news Now 


Apple Insider


ShmooCon 2012: Inside Apple’s MDM Black Box (EN) – YouTube


supervised mode

Containerization on Mobile via virtualization

Cellrox MDM

I love the fact that they pioneered the idea of multiple “personas” on a smartphone.

Samsung KNOX does the same thing now. So does BB10.

Interesting twist to how MDM can be achieved via virtualization –

Cellrox – an Israeli company has already developed a “Thinvisor” that runs multiple VMs on a single OS (Android) instance – thus MDM is done by creating 2 personas – “business” and private. A wipe is accomplished merely by deleting the business persona.


“In the extreme, worst-case scenario of the fired employee, IT need only wipe and remove the business persona. The user’s private persona can remain untouched, avoiding the common horror story of people’s baby pictures being deleted forever by an IT mistake.

Because of the level at which Cellrox operates, it needs to partner with handset makers and possibly carriers to get its product to end users. In a busy market it’s not clear who will win these battles, but Cellrox’s approach looks like a winner. Of course, it might be that cell phone virtualization won’t become really respectable until Apple invents it, but it’s coming, one way or another.”