Security and Privacy debate

Dark Reading: What security issues are on your radar screen right now?

Coviello: My thinking has evolved … and it’s clear to me that … you cannot have privacy without security. But by the same token, the level of security being provided can’t be a major threat to privacy. So how do you reconcile those kinds of points of view on a macro basis, on a national and international basis and on an organizational basis? It’s amazing how complex this is.

I come at it from a security bias. RSA invented the kind of encryption that protects people’s privacy, and I’m a huge advocate for privacy. But by the same token, if you look at it from the law enforcement person’s perspective, they [are saying] ‘I can’t do my job if everything is encrypted and I can’t get at it.’ I can understand his perspective if I put myself in his shoes. But I can also understand the perspective of people about their Internet freedoms and how they can potentially be abused.

Dark Reading:  Have Internet of Things security risks been overblown or justified?

Coviello:  Internet of Things represents to me just another [vector] … in the ever-expanding attack surface.

I don’t think we’re exaggerating it [as a threat]. I do think we are a little ahead of the power curve than we were with Windows. I don’t know a single vendor not thinking about how they can build security and safety into their products; that [perspective] didn’t exist a decade ago.


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