AirWatch and Office 365 O365

Additional O365 Security Settings

O365 has a few application configurations that prevent copy and paste, require a PIN to launch the app and disable “Save As” to other non-work related storage locations (e.g. Dropbox) from within the O365 applications themselves. Much like a social networking application might have settings for application behavior and features to turn on or off, these settings are application specific controls Microsoft has built into their software.

Today, these controls and settings are not extensible to third party management systems or tools to configure, therefore they must be configured from the application itself. Today, configuring these settings requires the use of InTune as the management tool to deliver these app settings. Many other ISVs (Salesforce, Box, Cisco etc.) take standard configuration approaches such as using iOS managed app configurations. We are hopeful Microsoft will extend the O365 settings to be configured differently in the future, directly through AirWatch so organizations have a consistent framework to manage configurations and settings for all enterprise applications.

SAVE AS–cms-19777


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