Google and Alphabet

Right now the google brand is diluted by its own diversity. This move leaves google to mean “search engine” and alphabet to mean all the diversity that used to be under Google.

They don’t care about the website since they aren’t doing publicity, marketing, or information, this is merely a reordering that in a less popular company would barely make the financial times and won’t be an important or popular website. Do you remember when VW separated out VW and Audi under VAG? No? How often do people bother with the VAG website? Do many people go to or do they instead go to their retailer websites: gap, bananarepublic or oldnavy? This is the same thing. People will still go to Google and Youtube and never even bother with the Alphabet site unless they want stock info, the traffic to a holding companies website is sooo low. BMW won’t sell alphabet. Google won’t care and, with some clever marketing, everyone will refer to the varied holdings of the former google as Alphabet and to the search engine as Google.


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  1. It reminds of the advice Mike Markkula gives Steve Jobs with example of HP that reinventing is key to build a long lasting company. Google is traversing the same trajectory. Google has recognized to have long term and extremely diversified investments. One can find striking similarities in the pattern of acquisitions between Google Ventures, Google Capital and Berkshire Hathway.

    Clearly reinvention is the key to survival; be it as an individual or as a company. Google has taken another step in the path to become one of the world’s first trillion dollar company. This video at Digital Life Design 15 (DLD15) conference by trademark analyst and L2 founder Scott Galloway from NYU Stern has put it perfectly.

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