Journey to digital business

This year Gartner sees “the journey to digital business” as the key theme.

Gartner defines this as a focus on the convergence of people, business, and things. The Internet of Things and the concept of blurring the physical and virtual worlds are strong concepts in this stage. Physical assets become digitized and become equal actors in the business value chain alongside already-digital entities, such as systems and apps.

Digital humanism —the notion that people are the central focus in the manifestation of digital businesses and digital workplaces.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle features “technologies that are the focus of attention because of particularly high levels of interest, and those that Gartner believes have the potential for significant impact,”

Nexus of Forces (mobile, social, cloud, and information).

“Autonomous” represents the final post-nexus stage. This stage is defined by an enterprise’s ability to leverage technologies that provide humanlike or human-replacing capabilities.


Welcome VMware Identity Manager

One of the most significant integration points came this year in June with the announcement of VMware Identity Manager (a.k.a. vIDM), which is replacing Workspace Portal. (So if you’re following along at home, that’s Horizon App Manager —> Horizon Workspace —> Workspace Portal —> Identity Manager.)

vIDM is like Workspace Portal, except now it’s fully aware of AirWatch. You can set app access policies based on EMM and device status, and managed devices can be used as an authentication factor. vIDM also provides federated access to native mobile apps.

vIDM was released at the time of the announcement, and for now it’s a part of certain AirWatch license editions as well as VMware Workspace Suite. Workspace Portal is still available, but it will be replaced by vIDM in the future.

The vIDM client is delivered as an HTML5 app for desktops, and via the AirWatch Catalogue app for mobile devices. Since vIDM does identity federation, users can also take advantage of what’s known as “service provider-initiated login” to access many apps directly without going through the vIDM client.

Comfort Zone Advice – Exactly what I need at this point.


Enterprise Application spending

Worldwide enterprise application spending is expected to rise, driven by modernisation, functional expansion and digital transformation projects, according to Gartner.

In fact, it is expected that worldwide spending will grow 7.5% to reach $149.9 billion in 2015, increasing to more than $201 billion in 2019.

“The majority of spending is going towards modernizing, functionally expanding or substituting long-standing business and office applications with cloud-based software-as-a-service,” says Bianca Granetto, Gartner research director.

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Transportation paradigm

This brings us to the 21st century, where the confluence of

  1. ridesharing,
  2. electrification,
  3. connected cars, and
  4. autonomous vehicles promise to give rise to an entirely new transportation paradigm.

Dronebase offers “drones as a service” to “monitor and analyze” work progress at construction sites or “market and manage” your real-estate.

Law of averages

You are the average of the five people around you on a daily basis.

And your thoughts are the average of the five thoughts you think about on a daily basis.