Nvidia GRID Technology





  • Digital Signature
    • Authentication
    • Non repudiation
    • Data integrity
  • Message encryption
    • Confidentiality
    • Data integrity

Startup value proposition

Write the value proposition message for the product idea 

To start with, fill the below format for your product idea and use this in talks with others to describe the product. For a platform idea, with more than one customer type, fill this separately for each customer type. When you discover new things, update the same to make it more complete.

  • For << this type of customer>>, Who << has this type of problem>>
  • We offer<< this solution>>
  • Which is <<different in this way>> From <<other competitors>>

Courtesy: An article in Yourstory



  1. Microsoft Windows server offers ADFS as a standard feature in its Windows server.
  2. Many organizations like ADFS because it’s “free”.
  3. ADFS also requires proxy servers to support remote users, and MS SQL Servers for high availability clustered operations, which adds more server infrastructure and management requirements.
  4. ADFS does not include an end user access portal. While Microsoft’s new Azure AD service does provide an access panel for end users, it would require using the cloud-based Azure Active Directory.
  5. For starters, ADFS only supports Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server attribute stores. No support is offered for other databases such as Oracle or standard LDAP servers for attributes that are required for identity federation.
  6. Multifactor authentication in ADFS is provided out of the box with certificates. Other options are available from third-party vendors, but Microsoft doesn’t support them.

Microsoft EMS

EMS = Intune + AAD (Azure Active Directory = single sign on, multi factor auth and self-service password) + AD RMS

Enterprise Cloud Suite = EMS + O365

VMware Tribal Knowledge

Network functions virtualization (NFV)


Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)