Five qualities that make a Great Product

I listened to this podcast by Jeff Weiner , CEO LinkedIn and here are his 5 pointers that he put together after he took over as Product chief about 6 months ago.

  1. Singular Value Proposition and focus – Does one thing really really well.

    1. Canonical example: Google
  2. Simple, Intuitive user experience and anticipates user’s needs

    1. Canonical Example: Waze
  3. Product exceeds user’s expectations. Product builds a relationship with it’s users.

    1. Canonical Example: Sonos
  4. Great products resonate emotionally. How does the product make you feel.

    1. Canonical Example: Tesla  (It makes you feel like driving the future)
  5. Great products have a meaningful impact on your life.

    1. Canonical Example: iPhone (A phone that finally became a control panel of your life)

Harsh truths about corporate life

Ganesh’s first blog

GO OUT and PLAY Go out and Play On a sunny day, Football or cricket You might score a goal or get a wicket Ride your bike Or go for a hike There’s so much to do Don’t catch flu Ride a horse or sit on a cow You are not on the stage So don’t take a bow Go and swim or work out in the gym You can do anything, you can do everything Just go out and play On a happy, sunny or a snowy day

PFX and CER files

http/2 , http2 explained

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