Security and Identity protection for the modern world

By Jim Alcove

Identity protection:

  • With Windows 10 we’re actively addressing modern security threats with advancements to strengthen identity protection and access control, information protection, and threat resistance. With this release we will have nearly everything in place to move the world away from the use of single factor authentication options, like passwords.
  • We are delivering robust data loss prevention right into the platform itself.
  • Windows 10 protects user credentials when breaches occur in the data center. It protects users from theft when devices are compromised and it renders phishing attacks for identities almost completely ineffective. It’s a solution that offers benefits for both businesses and consumers, and one that provides all of the convenience of a password along with security that is truly enterprise-grade. It represents the destination in our journey to eliminate the use of single factor identity options like passwords. We believe this solution brings identity protection to a new level as it takes multi-factor security which today is limited to solutions such as smartcards and builds it right into the operating system and device itself, eliminating the need for additional hardware security peripherals.
  • Once enrolled, devices themselves become one of two factors that are required for authentication. The second factor will be a PIN or biometric, such as fingerprint.
  • Users will be able to enroll each of their devices with these new credentials, or they can enroll a single device, such as a mobile phone, which will effectively become their mobile credential. It will enable them to sign-in into all of their PC’s, networks, and web services as long as their mobile phone is nearby. In this case, the phone, using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, will behave like a remote smartcard and it will offer two factor authentication for both local sign-in and remote access.

Information protection:

  • Protection of corporate data in Windows 10 enables automatic encryption of corporate apps, data, email, website content and other sensitive information, as it arrives on the device from corporate network locations. And when users create new original content, this data protection solution helps users define which documents are corporate versus personal. If desired, companies can even designate all new content created on the device as corporate by policy.

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