Living in delusion. We all are.

This post may sound pessimistic. But for somebody who is working with a ton of people on a daily basis, all I can say is – the world is not a good place. It’s scary. It’s all fine and dandy when you tell people what they want to hear, not otherwise.

If you are looking to the world to provide happiness, you are living in delusion. I’ve learnt a few things –

1. Small teams deliver the best products. Smaller the better. As small as even 1 person.

2. Try to minimize talk, emails, chit-chat and idle gossip. Spend more time reading and writing.

3. Spend more time with yourself, learn to enjoy solitude. You are only in control of yourself. The corporate world is full of hypocrisy. Don’t fall for it. Be it any company, it’s all a game plan and we are players in the game. We abolished slavery, but it re-surfaced with a modern version called “employment”.  How is this any different? It’s intellectual slavery where you are physically taken care of, but intellectually subdued. Everybody lives in fear. Everybody is trying to put their best face on. If this is not hypocrisy, what is? We leave behind our natural selves at home and head to office. It brings tears to my eyes that all our years of education has reduced us to robotic beings so we can earn a few bucks and take care of family. As Leo Tolstoy said, “I feel cheated by life”. This is not fair. Apart from the fact that I have given a few jobs to people in need, I don’t know what else I should be happy about.

4. Avoid confrontation. It’s not worth it. Nobody listens what they don’t want to hear. What is worse – sometimes people acknowledge the problem. But don’t do anything about it. People in power wish to think that problems will magically resolve themselves. No they don’t. They fester. And no other industry is as bad as the IT industry when it comes to “passing the buck”. And emails have made it easy. Just forward the problem along with the email! How clever. Email replies sometimes have nothing to do with the original email – because people want to escape. There’s even a term for it – “escapism”.  I’m glad these guys are not doctors, they’d get people killed.

5. I learnt something shocking while talking to somebody – I have no words to put it. In short it was this – people think whether it’s worth replying to an email. Think how bad the IT world has gotten. The sender has no clue that this is what the recipient thinks of his/her email. It’s a sad reality. An entire generation will rot doing junk work if they don’t think big and don’t take risks. As one of my colleagues put it, it’s called “brain atrophy”.


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