Lessons from Rahul Dravid


Let the work speak for itself

In a profession where opponents use mind games to bring you down, Rahul never got into the trap. His concentrations was rock solid in the face of flying provocations which never saw him lose his cool or let his game be affected. He never got into media brick brats with opponents or tried to defend himself verbally in the media. His bat spoke the loudest in all conditions against all variety of attacks. Mentally strong, Dravid never got flustered with criticism, it only made him work harder and perform better.

Criticism’s best answer is through performance. Energy should be focused on preparation and performance. Failures should be seen as lessons and should drive you to work harder and come back stronger. Let nothing waver your concentration and determination. Your focus should be bigger than anything your opponents throw at you.

Software as a career has a long “shelf-life”, so our tenacity and inner strength coupled with our performance will matter a lot to stay the course.


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