Manjunath replies again (I think this might be my best prose written in a long time – because it comes straight from my heart)

You may be right. I might be missing out on stuff that could have interested me…as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Frankly speaking I think it’s moot, because learning doesn’t happen by reading stuff all over the place and expecting to get inspired by some random article. It’s usually when we see the connections between things and a genius is somebody who can see connections between things that others don’t. And learning isn’t the end of it either – what one does with the learning is what matters.

Thinking aloud, Google founders probably don’t have enough knowledge to ace through the BBC super quiz that a general reader like you can possibly and might easily win.

But they managed to make it their mission to organize all the information available in the world.


If everyone reads only what they want, then society eventually will get pigeon holed and people will not know what is happening. And as humans, we can’t be sure of everything we like or don’t like. A random article we read could be the motivator for the next big thing. And by reducing the content we expose ourselves to, we are denying the chance for inspiration !

Manjunath writes – 

Just for the record, I love Hindu as a newspaper…nothing against it. In fact, I have learnt a lot reading their editorial content. It’s just that these days I want to read customized content for myself – something that I like and not something that’s tailored to everybody.

That’s exactly why even TV doesn’t make sense because it’s still not reached a point (at least not the one I have in my house) where I can tweak content to my taste and current mood. The internet is the perfect medium for on-demand, real-time and customized content.

In general, broadcast media suffer from the pitfalls of “Groupthink” (which tends to mediocrity) – we print and show things that will sell and be well received.

Long email, sigh!

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Lessons from Rahul Dravid

Let the work speak for itself

In a profession where opponents use mind games to bring you down, Rahul never got into the trap. His concentrations was rock solid in the face of flying provocations which never saw him lose his cool or let his game be affected. He never got into media brick brats with opponents or tried to defend himself verbally in the media. His bat spoke the loudest in all conditions against all variety of attacks. Mentally strong, Dravid never got flustered with criticism, it only made him work harder and perform better.

Criticism’s best answer is through performance. Energy should be focused on preparation and performance. Failures should be seen as lessons and should drive you to work harder and come back stronger. Let nothing waver your concentration and determination. Your focus should be bigger than anything your opponents throw at you.

Software as a career has a long “shelf-life”, so our tenacity and inner strength coupled with our performance will matter a lot to stay the course.

Definition of HR

I have a new definition for HR Dept – Human Research. It’s basically “Researching the behavior of human beings and enhancing it for the benefit of the collective whole, also called the organization”

Deep Sea Challenge

James cameron Titanic Pacific ocean Mariana trench


For us in Enterprise Mobility, the definition of a container is slightly different and refers to the ability to setup an encrypted storage space on a mobile device and manage access to that space. –

  1. We have OEM level containers like KNOX and vSwitch
  2. Apps built using our SDK (or Citrix Worx) or wrapped that essentially “containerize” the data within those apps.
  3. Or even application level “workspace” that compartmentalizes enterprise apps and data without having to manage the entire device.

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