Configure an enterprise Managed app via Apple MDM

The above article proposes a new and unique integration that moves beyond SDKs and uses a “less complex, standards-based model that provides a framework for sending additional configuration settings such as user information and preferences, single sign-on (SSO) configuration, and security controls, among other settings, for centralized policy management.

By eliminating vendor-specific SDKs for third party applications and MDM environments, this new approach will create a more scalable ecosystem.

We can use the ability in MDM to pass down configuration data down to managed apps and then also get feedback from the app in response.

That way, EMM can push down Box as a “Managed app” and then use NSUserDefaults to pass down configuration.

And it’s standards-based, because any MDM vendor can do the same with no change required on Box end.

Managed app configuration changes that are pushed down from an MDM server appear in NSUSerDefaults so you can add an observer to be alerted of any changes to NSUserDefaults. The Managed app configuration dictionary pushed down from the MDM server is stored in the key named:

Your application can also send a dictionary containing the feedback to the MDM server. The dictionary that is sent back to the MDM server as feedback must be stored in this key

In order to test all of this you would need a device that is managed by an MDM server and the application must be installed by the MDM server that supports ApplicationConfiguration setting and ManagedApplicationFeedback commands.

The sample application’s readme.txt file recommends seeing the WWDC 2013 Session 301 “Extending Your Apps for Enterprise and Education Use” for a demo of this application.


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