Desktop As a Service (DaaS) and VDI

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) – put simply, is nothing but VDI that you pay someone else to host for you.

A new term I learnt today, “Cloud bursting” your VDI, also called Hybrid Cloud. The idea here is that you combine traditional on-premises VDI with public cloud-based VDI (DaaS).

Ideally, you hook them together with the same front-end or the same framework so you can use your on-prem environment for most of your users but then “burst” to the cloud if you run out of capacity in your own VDI environment.


VDI is virtualization. And you know how to do virtualization. Since VDI is just Desktops running on hypervisors in your data centre and you already have a bunch of virtual servers today, VDI is just a logical extension of that.

That also means, VDI ensures consistent performance. because users’ desktops run on known server hardware with known performance characteristics.

Even if a user’s personal laptop is slow, the VDI desktop runs at full speed.

Credit: Desktop as a Service Book by Brian Madden and Gabe Knuth

Bundling and unbundling – secret to startup ideas

Nice message from Mac Andreeson


What do you do when you feel like an elephant in chains? There’s so much potential, so little leeway. It’s a colossal waste of talent and it saddens me that I cannot do much to change it. It saddens me more because I already know that this will be the biggest regret of my life on my death-bed. I don’t even have to look back to realize it, I know it now and I mean right NOW!

I am happy for all you entrepreneurs. God Bless you. May your tribe increase.

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