Tactile vs Haptic feedback

Tactile Feedback is a type of Haptic Feedback. Haptic feedback is generally divided into two different classes: Tacticle and Kinesthetic. The difference between the two is quite complex, but at a high level:

Kinesthetic: The things you feel from sensors in your muscles, joints, tendons. Weight, stretch, joint angles of your arm, hand, wrist, fingers, etc. Imagine holding a coffee-mug  in your hand. Kinesthetic feedback tells your brain the approximate size of the mug, it’s weight, and how you are holding it relative to your body.

Tactile: The things you feel in your ‘fingers’ etc., or on the surface. The tissue (for example in your fingers), has a number of different sensors embedded in the skin and right underneath it. They allow your brain to feel things such as vibration, pressure, touch, texture etc.

Haptic Feedback is a combination of both Tactile and Kinesthetic Feedback.




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