Ideas for an intelligent MDM


Traditionally, EMM [Enterprise Mobility Management ] = MEM+MDM+MTM+MBM+MCM.

Our new definition of EMM = “Empowered mobility management” which actually empowers the device to become your Personal Assistant by tracking your behaviour.


MEM – How MEM can be helpful

– You haven’t checked email today since morning. Are you not feeling well? Set OOO auto-reply for today and/or send an SMS to your manager?

– Ability to set filters for specific FROM addresses – You have an unread email from JM (Local notification)


MCM – How content search can be integrated into consumer based Google search

–          A document based on your last Google search is now available on sharepoint/iCloud…do you want to download it?


MBM – browser can be integrated

– You have been browsing way too much FB today. Can I block access for the rest of the day?


MTM – Telecom

– It’s all about data. Data usage cost – per day, per week, plot a graph for the last one month. Can we get data used BY APP? That’ll be awesome.


MDM – Device management viz.

Based on GPS information sent by the device, we can know a couple of things –


– Agent tells the user – You have led a pretty sedentary life today.


– You have another person that’s using airwatch in the vicinity, wanna meet him?  [ Enable customers to share their experiences using AirWatch ]

   If you say yes and a pre-configured setting is turned ON, the details are shared with each other – 


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