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VMware public cloud

VMware public cloud – is nothing but a VMware hosted cloud for enterprises that can extend the enterprise’s own private cloud. VMware calls it a “hybrid cloud”.  It’s not like AWS or Rackspace.

So if companies are running out of data center capacity and want additional capacity they can resort to VMware provided “vCHS – VMware Cloud Hybrid Service”. The linkage between private and VMware cloud is done by the Hybrid cloud connector.

Network World – Perhaps the biggest selling point for VMware’s newly announced hybrid cloud strategy — and the reason it could be a game changer in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market — is because of the common platform VMware customers will now have between their private cloud internal systems and this new VMware-operated public cloud.

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 Comparing Microsoft and VMware public cloud





Remote Display Technologies for delivering remote desktops and applications to endpoints.

  • HDX (Citrix) – used by XenDesktop and XenApp – uses TCP
  • PCoIP (PC over IP by VMware) – used by VMware View – uses UDP
  • RemoteFX (Microsoft) – either TCP/UDP



Secure coding

Secure coding

XOR Encryption

if A ^ B = C, then C ^ B = A and C ^ A = B.

This is one of the salient features of XOR that allows us to reverse engineer one of the inputs given one input and the output.

A (plaintext ) ^ B (key) = C (Ciphertext)

In encryption lingo, given the key (B) and the ciphertext (C), it is possible to get the plaintext (A)


ARM vs x86



Good idioms

in someone’s wheelhouse

up someone’s alley

in his element – related not quite the same as the above