CORS – Cross Origin Resource Sharing

  1. CORS –
  2. Failed request tracing in IIS –
  3. CORS and IE – [check the first comment about IE]
  4. CORS and IIS – . The configuration on the server is also similar to this, and that is why I feel there is something happening in our application
  6. CORS troubleshooting, good reference –
  7. Example code for CORS –
  8. [check the comments by William Edney]

Mutual SSL authentication

Big Ideas

BYOD versus COPE

COPE = Corporate owned, PErsonal enabled

BYOD = Bring your own device

How do you want to spend the next 4 years

Great link – Steve Blank


Finance NTPC Bond – Interest free bond

Best Tech Videos – Scribd

Blink / Webkit / V8 – everything

Webkit for Developers

Blink versus Webkit

The video has something really interesting – right now, the DOM is in Webcore (which is all c++) part of the webkit. So when we access the DOM in JS Core, it leaves the JS VM to enter Webcore which does involve a cost.

With Blink, Google’s webkit fork, they plan to move Dom implementation to JS engine itself thereby staying within JS.

V8 – Google JS Engine

v8 –

Neural networks and Deep learning