Equality of opportunity equality of income

I liked the below comment more than the article itself – http://priceonomics.com/how-the-0001-made-its-money/

“When looking at wealth in America, you have to look at opportunity, and equality of opportunity. America leads the world in equality of opportunity, but thoe “income inequality” view is one that believes that everyone should be equally “rich” — exemplified by the results in the USSR, where, except for the ruling elites, everyone was impoverished.

A better view is to look at the actual quality of life of the poorest 10% of society… and that has seen dramatic improvement over the past century due, directly to “income inequality”– sam walton built a billion dollar fortune by mitigating the effects of inflation for poor people. He improved their lives and got rich. This is typical, it is the rule, not the exception.”


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