Apple – iPad in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple – iPhone in Business – IT Center – Mobile Device Management in iOS

Apple iOS Mobile Device, Application and Content Management | AirWatch

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ShmooCon 2012: Inside Apple’s MDM Black Box (EN) – YouTube


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Interesting site…with lots of interesting videos

Indian institute of space and technology

Workplace barriers to programmer productivity

Workplace barriers to programmer productivity

Thankfully, I have made sure that the Dev team in AirWatch India doesnt suffer from most of these symptoms.

Being a empathetic developer at heart definitely helps while leading a team of developers.

I beleive in getting out of the way as soon as possible, so my team can focus on their work.

Ortho consultation and backpain

Ortho consultation and backpain

Idea Entrepreneur

Idea Entrepreneur

Never heard of this term before – “Idea Entrepreneur”. Good to know.

Another term was “Generalizing specialist“…I have a post on that term on my blog.

Nice to know we are coining new phrases, we are evolving, hurray !!

Listening skills

English for kids

Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs

Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs

I hope it will come in handy someday.

Steve Jobs is among the most polished presenters in the world. He doesn’t use any bullet points in his presentations, his keynote addresses are free of any jargon, there are very few words in the slides but they have photographs and headlines that are hard to forget.

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Martin fowler and Unity framework – Unity framework

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