Visit to Orlando – Disneyworld

Shared photos

Our maiden visit to Orlando. Ganesh had a lot of fun esp. since it was Christmas time and the spirit of Christmas was very much in the frosty air in Orlando 🙂 It was a long-awaited trip and we brought a ton of sweet, lovely and awe-inspiring memories back with us. “Shamu” – the killer whale show taught us to beleive in the power of ‘everything is possible’ and “Magic Kingdom” inspired us to dream big and push the boundaries of our imagination. The “bug” show was creepy and spooky but at the same time made us laugh to our heart’s content…The rides were cute and entertaining. Ganesh is fond of dinosaurs and he loved “Dino-land” the most. He’s now the proud owner of thenew addition to his toy kingdom – “Shamu – the killer whale”. The fireworks in Sea-world and Magic Kingdom was simply mind-numbing. Overall, it was worth the drive and we sincerely hope that every kid gets a chance to visit this lovely fantasy land.


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