Main Selling point of Hibernate

Persistent instances lose their association with the persistence manager(Session object) when you close() the Session. We refer to these objects as “detached”, indicating that their state is no longer guaranteed to be synchronized with
database state; they’re no longer under the management of Hibernate. However, they still contain persistent data (that may possibly soon be stale). It’s possible (and common) for the application to retain a reference to a detached object outside of a transaction (and persistence manager).

Hibernate lets you reuse these instances in a new transaction by reassociating them with a new persistence manager. (After reassociation, they’re considered persistent.) This feature has a deep impact on how multitiered applications may be designed. The ability to return objects from one transaction to the presentation layer and later reuse them in a new transaction The persistence lifecycle is one of Hibernate’s main selling points. Its a popular implementation technique for long-running applications (or conversations)


Features provided by Hibernate

1. Automatic “Dirty checking”

2. Cascading save

3. Transactional write-behind

I mean these are but a few of the many other features…but the above ones definitely stand out.