Cloud Computing

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS – Software as a service, Platform as a service and Infrastructure as a service.
The broad idea is to treat IT Resources as an utility that you pay as you use, not overprovision upfront. Basically turning capital expenditure into operating expenses. So license fee becomes subscription fee.

SaaS – Google apps,

PaaS – Google apps engine that runs Google apps on Google infrastructure

IaaS – Amazon EC2 – Elastic Compute and S3 (Simple storage service) are popular implementations of Cloud computing paradigm., Joyent

Priorities in Life – Jack Welch

I do believe in the priorities that Nature has set for Man –

God, Health, Family and Work – in that Order. Its ironical that most of us think of it the other way around.

Health tips

Technical Documentation for AIX

Line termination made easy

An easy to understand essay on “Line termination”. This is one of the most common “interface” anomalies one comes across practically in any enterprise system software spanning multiple platforms, yet it remains a challenge till date.

 What do you suppose goes into the file when you press the Enter key?


Guidelines from Bruce Eckel’s classic – Thinking in C++

Wimbledon 2009

If somebody didnt get to watch the wimbledon 2009 finals live today, the person has definitely missed a lifetime opportunity. It was a rare and mind-numbing display of grit, determination, stamina, skill, tenacity and endurance that captures everything a true champion stands for and is a symbol of.

 The sad part of it all – despite the close contest, the sport calls for a winner and a “loser”. As the commentator rightly pointed out – “the true hallmark of a great match is when at the end of it, you dont want to see anybody lose”. Well said.

Roger Federer definitely deserved the trophy, Roddick put up a fight that will go down in history as one of the strongest and toughest the center court at wimbledon will ever witness.