<video> tag…very interesting !!! but why did it take so long to realize its absence.

It’s exciting to see Google betting the bank on HTML 5, but not entirely surprising. The company is in the web app business, so any technology that makes web apps faster, better and more useful is going to be supported — even more so if that technology is based on open standards and doesn’t require plug-ins or proprietary code like Flash and Silverlight.

Wednesday’s keynote wasn’t all cheerleading. Several digs were aimed at Microsoft for failing to support much of HTML 5 in the latest version of Internet Explorer. IE8 does have experimental geolocation support, but no support for HTML 5 video playback, canvas, or web workers.

Microsoft is quick to argue that it isn’t prudent to build support for untested technologies into its browser code, which is used by the majority of people on the web. Probably closer to the truth: Microsoft has its own playback technology in Silverlight and isn’t interested in sinking its own ship.


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