Windows 7

A lot of people(like me) will initially fall for the hype surrounding PC-Within-a-PC or
Multiple- Windows- environments on- a- single- PC or built-in support for virtualization.
It was very important for MS to provide an “XP-Mode” given that close to 70% of windows users are on XP today.
So this virtualization feature is also aimed at luring the If-it-aint-broke-dont-fix-it XP users to upgrade but still be able to cling to their favorite OS.


  • Its only available with “high-end” editions of Windows 7. – ultimate, professional etc.
  • Its only available if your INTEL Chipset has hardware support for virtualization. Look here  to find out what it means.

What’s new in Windows 7?

• Redesigned taskbar for launching and switching between programs
• Jump lists let you invoke selected program features from the taskbar
• Aero Peek offers full-size previews of running applications to help you navigate between them
• More user control over notifications or alert balloons, to make Windows less annoying
• Libraries link multiple folders so they appear as one, letting you see all your pictures or documents together
• Multitouch interface lets you control Windows with your fingers, on machines with touch-sensitive screens
• Windows 7 XP Mode (high end ­editions only) lets you run programs on a virtual instance of Windows XP, seamlessly integrated into the ­Windows 7 desktop
• Refined User Account Control is more secure than Windows XP, but less intrusive than Windows Vista
• Simplified home networking for sharing files, printers, music and video
• Updated Windows Media Player supports new audio and video formats (MP4, H.264,DivX) as well as remote streaming over the internet
• Device Stage brings up a dialogue box specific to your exact device, when you attach supported devices such as cameras and printers


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