Notes from Neal Ford’s Presentation on “How to Improve your code”

Visit for the entire text of the presentation

Some Highlights –

1. Test-Driven Design and Development – Be the first customer/consumer of your class

2. static analysis – A method that takes an argument of a base class reference should not make assumptions about the actual type of the object passed as argument.

3. Bad Smells –

– empty try/catch blocks

– dead code [unused local variables, parameters, private variables]

– suboptimal code [ wasteful string usage]

– over complicated expressions [affecting code readability/maintenance]

– duplicated code [reuse via copy/paste]

4. Constructors –

– Dont provide default constructors for domain objects.

[Manju] Makes sense – Its analogous to creating an “Order” in the Order_Hdr table with just an Order_id. Destroys the data-integrity of the system.

– build the simplest thing that we need right now.


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